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Confirmed Speakers and Presenters

Detailed program in PDF: click here.

Please allow for 5 min for Q&A in the end of your presentation. Poster spotlights will be 5 min with possibility to project 1 slide or 1 video. Poster format is free, but must fit the available space on a single panel: height 120cm x 180cm. Posters will be displayed only during the day when the related poster spotlight will take place.

Bart Baddeley (oral presentation)
CCNR, University of Sussex, GB
Title: A Probabilistic Framework for the Study of Active Acquisition of Visual Information in Bees
Emily Baird (poster, workshop organizer)
Australian National University, AU
Title: A Theory of Ground Height Control in the Honeybee
Jan Bartussek (poster, workshop organizer)
Institute of Neuroinformatics, CH
Title: A Non-linear Oscillator Model for Control of Flapping Flight
Christian Bermes (oral presentation)
ETH Zurich, CH
Title: Aerodynamic Optimization, Dynamic Modeling and Overall Prototype Design for the MuFly Autonomous Micro-helicopter
Sergi Bermudez i Badia (oral presentation)
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, ES
Title: The Origin and Role of Non-Linearities in the Collision Avoidance System of the Locust
Antoine Beyeler (poster, workshop organizer)
Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, EPFL, CH
Title: Optic-flow-based Altitude and Forward Speed Regulation Using Stereotypical Lateral Movements
Samir Bouabdallah (poster)
Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Z¸rich, CH
Title: MuFly Project: The First Steps
Andreas Br¸ckner (poster)
Fraunhofer Instiute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering, DE
Title: Compact Color Vision and Increased Sensitivity Using Artificial Compound Eyes
JÈrÙme Casas (oral presentation)
Institut de Recherches sur la biologie de l'Insecte, FR
Title: Insect Flow Sensors As Templates for MEMS Design
Rick Cory (poster)
Title: On the Controllability of Agile Fixed-Wing Flight
Hansj¸rgen Dahmen (oral presentation, demo)
Cogn. Neuroscience, Univ. T¸bingen, DE
Title: Insect Inspired Odometry by Flow Measurements Using Optical Mouse Chips
Michael Dickinson (keynote)
Bioengineering and Biology, Caltech, Pasadena, CA, US
Title: Sensory Control of Flight in Drosophila
William Dickson (oral presentation)
California Institute of Technology, US
Title: Inertial and Aerodynamic Mechanisms for Passive Wing Rotation
Jacques DuparrÈ (oral presentation, demo)
Fraunhofer IOF, DE
Title: Artificial Compound Eye Imaging Systems
Martin Egelhaaf (keynote)
Neurobiology, Bielefeld University, DE
Title: Active Vision: Strategies and Neuronal Mechanisms of Spatial Orientation Behaviour in Blowflies
Charlie Ellington (oral presentation)
University of Cambridge, UK
Title: The Aerodynamics of Flapping Flight: a Tutorial
Ronald Fearing (keynote)
UC Berkeley, US
Title: Challenges for 100 Milligram Flapping Flight
Dario Floreano (oral presentation, demo)
Title: Evolutionary Swarms of Flying Robots
Nicolas Franceschini (keynote, demo)
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, FR
Title: Insects As Pilots: Optic Flow Regulation for Vertical and Horizontal Guidance
Steven Fry (oral presentation, workshop organizer)
Title: Free-flight Control in Fruit Flies ñ a Systems Analysis Approach
Sawyer Fuller (poster)
California Institute of Technology, US
Title: Geometric Analysis of Hassenstein-Reichardt Elemetary Motion Detectors and Application to Control in a Fruit Fly Simulator and a Robot
Allister Furey (poster)
University of Sussex, GB
Title: Robust Control of Tethered Airfoils Using Evolutionary Robotics
Chauncey Graetzel (poster, workshop organizer)
Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems / Institute of Neuroinformatics, CH
Title: Analysis of Low-level Motor Control in Tethered Flying Drosophila
William Green (oral presentation)
Drexel University, US
Title: A Hybrid MAV and Biomimetic Sensing for Ingress and Egress of Urban Environments
AndrÈ Guignard (workshop organizer)
EPFL, Lausanne
Sabine Hauert (poster)
Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, EPFL, CH
Title: Pheromone Based Swarming for Positionless MAVs
James Humbert (oral presentation)
University of Maryland, US
Title: Bio-Inspired Visuomotor Convergence
Laurent Jacquin (poster)
Title: Steady Versus Unsteady Aerodynamics of Flapping Wings in Forward Flight: a 2D Study
Thierry Jardin (poster)
Laboratoire d'Etudes AÈrodynamiques (LEA-ENSMA) de Poitiers, FR
Title: Two-dimensional DNS Study of Asymmetric Motions in Hovering Flapping Flight
Kevin Jones (oral presentation)
Naval Postgraduate School, US
Title: Bio-Inspired Design of Flapping-Wing Vehicles
Yoshiyuki Kawamura (demo)
Fukuoka Institute of Technology, JP
Lubin Kerhuel (poster)
Mouvement et Perception, FR
Title: Yaw Stabilization of an Aerial Robot: Visual Fixation and Ultrafast Vestibulo-ocular Reflex
Adam Klaptocz (workshop organizer)
Mirko Kovac (poster, workshop organizer)
Title: Self-Deploying Microglider; Gliding Flight and Bioinspired Wing Folding Mechanism
Simon Laughlin (keynote)
Zoology, University Cambridge, GB
Title: Neuronal Efficiency: a Guiding Principle?
Fritz-Olaf Lehmann (oral presentation)
Neurobiology, DE
Title: The Limits of the Visuo-motor System in Flying Fruit Flies Drosophily
David Lentink (oral presentation)
Wageningen University, NL
Title: Novel Micro Aircraft Inspired by Insect Flight
Severin Leven (poster)
Title: A Simple and Robust Fixed-Wing Platform for Outdoor Flying Robot Experiments
Jens Peter Lindemann (oral presentation, workshop organizer)
Neurobiology, Bielefeld University, DE
Title: Cyberfly: Understanding Fly Flight Behaviour by Closed-loop Simulation
Shih-Chii Liu (oral presentation, workshop organizer)
Institute for Neuroinformatics, Univ of Zurich/ETH Zurich, CH
Title: AVLSI Motion Detection Circuits
Philippe May (poster)
LMCE-Paris7, FR
Title: Static and Dynamical Biological Observations
Vasco Medici (poster, workshop organizer)
Institute of neuroinformatics, CH
Title: Principles of Multisensory Flight Control in the Fruit Fly ñ a Reverse Engineering Approach
Rico Mˆckel (poster, workshop organizer)
Institute of Neuroinformatics, CH
Title: AVLSI Motion Detection Sensor for Estimation of Optical Flow
Jean-Daniel Nicoud (oral presentation)
Didel SA, CH
Title: Flying Paradise: Purgatory for Simulation, Hell for Engineers
AndrÈ Noth (oral presentation)
Title: Design of Solar Powered MAVs: Scaling Considerations and Realization
Daniel Osmont (oral presentation)
Title: Bio-Inspired Structures for the Actuation System of a Flapping Wing Micro Aerial Vehicle
Andrew O. Philippides (poster)
CCNR, University of Sussex, GB
Title: Virtual Bee in a Virtual Tunnel: Modelling Angular Speed Detection
Geoffrey Portelli (oral presentation)
Movement & Perceptions(UMR6152), CNRS, FR
Title: A Bee in the Corridor: Regulating Lateral OF by Side Control
Roger Quinn (oral presentation, demo)
Case Western Reserve University, US
Title: A Small, Biologically-Inspired Vehicle with Hybrid Air-Land Mobility
Michael Reiser (oral presentation)
HHMI - Janelia Farm Research Campus, US
Title: An Algorithmic Basis for the Visually Mediated Control of Translatory Flight by Drosophila
Hala Rifai (poster)
Title: Attitude Stabilization of a Flapping-wing Micro Drone
James Roberts (demo)
Nicola Rohrseitz (oral presentation, workshop organizer)
Institute of Neuroinformatics, ETH, CH
Title: Visual Groundspeed Control in Free Flying Fruit Flies
Umberto Scarfogliero (poster)
IMT Bio-robotics school, IT
Title: Bio-inspired Long-jumping and Gliding Robot for Locomotion in Unstructured Terrains
Luca Schenato (poster)
Department of Information Engineering, University of Padova, IT
Title: Multimodal Sensor Fusion for Attitude Control of
Peter Sch¸tzner (oral presentation)
Institute for Neurobiology, University of Ulm, DE
Title: High-speed Analysis of Wing and Body Motions in Flying Drosophila Using Fluorescent Markers
Tobias Seidl (poster)
Advanced Concepts Team / European Space Agency, NL
Title: A Planetary Landing Device Inspired by Gliding Cockroaches
Kei Senda (poster)
Kanazawa University, JP
Title: Stability of Flapping-of-Wings Flight of Butterfly
Yoon Sik Shim (oral presentation)
University of Sussex, GB
Title: A Simple Evolutionary Framework for Generating Robust Flight Maneuver in a Physically Simulated Flapping Wing Robot
Caroline Soyer (poster)
Title: Silicon-based Biomimetic Flying Insect
Mandyam Srinivasan (oral presentation)
University of Queensland, AU
Title: Visual Guidance Of Flight In Flying Insects: An Introductory Review and Summary of Recent Progress
Finlay Stewart (poster)
University of Edinburgh, GB
Title: Modelling Visuomotor Control in Flying Drosophila
Timothy Stirling (demo)
Andrew D Straw (oral presentation)
California Institute of Technology, US
Title: Control of Flight in a Simulated Drosophila Model: Successful Centering Depends on Actively Structuring Sensory Input
Wolfgang Stuerzl (poster)
Technical University of Munich, DE
Title: View-Reconstruction and Visual Homing in Ground-Nesting Wasps
Christel-Loic Tisse (oral presentation)
Centre for Autonomous Systems, AU
Title: Hemispherical Depth Perception for Slow-Flyers Using Coaxially Aligned Fisheye Cameras
Floris van Breugel (oral presentation)
Cornell University, US
Title: A Flapping Hovering Micro Air Vehicle
StÈphane Viollet (demo)
CNRS Biorobotics, FR
Daniel Watman (oral presentation)
The University of New South Wales, AU
Title: A System for Controlled Visualisation of Flapping Wings
Barbara Webb (oral presentation)
University of Edinburgh, GB
Title: An Insect Brain Architecture for Robotics
Robin Wootton (oral presentation)
University Of Exeter, GB
Title: Springy Shells, Pliant Plates and Minimal Motors: Abstracting the Insect Thorax to Drive an MAV
Jochen Zeil (oral presentation)
ARC Centre of Excellence in Vision Science, Research School of Biological Sciences, The Australian National University, Canberra, AU
Title: Stealthy Tracking in Satellite Flies
Jean-Christophe Zufferey (oral presentation, workshop organizer)
Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, EPFL, CH
Title: Insect-inspired Autonomous Microflyer
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